Silhouette (Music Video)

Year: 2020  ❘  Location: Milan  ❘  Client: Diego Random

Diego Gervasio (Turin, 22/01/00 ), aka Diego Random, is an artist from the Turin suburbs. His multifaceted and eclectic style is characterized by the centrality of writing in the creative process. He made his debut in March 2017 with the release of the self-produced track “Strabismo di Bacco.” The meeting with producer Steve Tarta (Stefano Tartaglino) is the beginning of a lasting and creative collaboration that leads the artist to release his first Ep “Nebbia” and debut on stages in Turin and Milan. Between 2019 and 2020, several singles are released including “Come Torino la Notte,” in collaboration with Klaire, and “Voci in Testa,” released by Real Talk Musik, in collaboration with the On My Way (OMY) brand and video maker SpakaFra. The beginning of 2021 sees the release of the singles “Lightning” and “Silhouette,” with corresponding video clips, which anticipate the release of his second EP, “Aesthetic Chaos,” fully produced by DeadlyCombination and available April 23.