Year: 2021  ❘  Location: Los Angeles  ❘ Client: Santa Monica College Film Program

Years after being separated from his mother at the southern border, young Dominik is forgetting the details of her face. He must have to confront his darkest fears in order to draw an accurate portrait of his mother and save the memory.

Directed by Osvaldo Ozuna; Written by Osvaldo Ozuna & Alci Rengifo; Produced by Marina Coutinho & Abishek Chandrasekar; Cinematography: Abishek Chandrasekar; Executive Producer: Salvador Carrasco. Per a 2021 National Geographic article, “INK focuses on the traumatic effects of separating families. This issue is personal for Ozzy: his sister was deported and was separated from her four children. He has taken her children under his wing and has helped them to try and emotionally recover.”