About me

Focused and passionate film maker considered an expert in regulations,  compliance and safety procedures. Highly capable in successfully resolving conflicts. Student with only few years of experience but recognized for passionate creative leadership and artistic innovation. Pursuing new film experiences where hard work and dedication will be highly valued.







At the age of sixteen Asia moved to the United States from her home country, Italy, to pursue her Film Production education. In 2017 she started studying Film at Santa Monica College, the place where she was able to express her creativity around inspiring students. Thanks to the Santa Monica Film Program Asia had found her family away from home and got to work with them on professional sets. In 2020 she graduated with three Associate Degrees in Liberal Arts, Film Production and Film Studies. She is now completing her Bachelor Degree in Film and Television Studies at Loyola Marymount University but continues to be passionate about production and keeps working on inspiring projects while completing her education.